Ceremony Enhancements


Wedding ceremonies do not have to be the simple "I DO" type.  

For a more personal and memorable ceremony, please consider 

incorporating a Ceremony Enhancement. 

Ceremony Enhancements are mini ceremonies within your 

wedding ceremony that are a wonderful way to express your love 

together and emphasize a specific point that is important to you as a couple. 


Below is a list of Ceremony Enhancements but the possibilities for

customizing your own ceremony is truly only limited to your imagination.

The Breaking of the Glass Ceremony

Meaning - The ceremony can represent the fragility and challenges a couple will face as a married couple and be a wish for strength that they can endure it together. 

The Broom Jumping Ceremony

Meaning - The jumping of the broom is a symbol of sweeping away of the old and welcoming the new, or a symbol of a new beginning. 

The Wine Box Ceremony

Meaning - This ceremony is a promise that the couple make to one another to not walk away quickly from their marriage if they run into hard times. 

The Child Acknowledgement Ceremony

Meaning - The Child acknowledgment Ceremony is an endearing way to incorporate the couple's children into their ceremony.

The Chocolate Ceremony

Meaning - This ceremony is fun for couples that enjoy chocolate.  It represents that chocolate nourishes the soul and that life can be bitter and sweet both like a marriage can be.          

The Goldfish Ceremony

Meaning - This ceremony visually depicts how the couple is combining their together by getting married and will share a home.             

The Salt Ceremony

Meaning - This Ceremony Enhancement has the participants promise to commit themselves to each other for life.

The Sand Ceremony

Meaning - This ceremony visually depicts how the couple is blending their lives together by getting married.                             

The Unity Candle Ceremony (Not recommended for outdoor weddings)

Meaning - This ceremony visually depicts how the couple is joining their lives and that they are supported by their family or honored guests.